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Boost your Career with SAP Today!

TallyBiafo Academy is an authorized SAP Education provider that brings the highly-coveted SAP Education to individuals who seek to take their career to greater heights and companies to run their business more efficiently on SAP.
We are providing blended training approach for under graduates, post graduates and professionals, which includes SAP Learning Hub along with training workshop leading to SAP certifications. With SAP Learning Hub, you can take advantage of the cloud and learn anytime and anywhere at a budget-friendly cost.

About TallyBiafo

TallyBiafo is the brainchild of Abdul Haseeb of TallyMarks Consulting and Usman Malik of BiafoTech, who shared a vision to impart their technical know-how of their respective fields to bring awareness of knowledge regarding SAP Education at the University level. With that concept in mind and the aim to provide quality SAP certified consultants to the industry we have undertaken this venture. Time and again, students have found out about the importance of SAP certification after entering their profession and in order to stand out in their field an understanding of SAP and SAP related courses is an added benefit and would hone one’s career in the long run.
Due to shortage of SAP consultants in Pakistan, this initiative provides a platform to make up for the lack of experts in the market. We are offering SAP Learning Hub with the option of Student and Professional Editions. In addition to that, we provide training workshops that are conducted by our consultants, who are seasoned and noteworthy ones with multiple industry experience under their belts.


Add value to people expertise through professional education and support organization’s strategy to meet their training needs.


To become the best provider of professional education in Pakistan.

SAP Education


SAP is one the largest ERP based company in the world. System Application and Product (SAP) is a set of powerful tools which integrates multiple business processes and functions into one comprehensive system.SAP has a heritage of 44 year as market leader in applications, analytics and mobility solutions. They are providing SAP business suite which optimizes all business-critical processes. SAP caters to all type of industry sizes ranging from large to medium and small by providing different industry sector solution. In order to jump start a successful career after spending years at school and university, SAP-skills have become an indispensable factor. Understanding SAP software and the ability to work with it has become vital in many areas of the job market.

It provides multiple modules to get certification based on your professional abilities and multiple industries.Investing in SAP training can help you to be a competitive resource of any Industry

What is Learning Hub?

SAP® Learning Hub is a cloud based solution that provides instant activation for access to a vast array of learning resources from the SAP Education organization.

  • 12 Month Carefree Access
  • Access to SAP experts
  • Thousands of learning maps, handbook and e-learning titles 24×7
  • Structured enablement through guided learning rooms
  • Unlimited access to all learning content in 1 Subscription price
  • On-demand learning, anytime, anywhere
  • The most cost-effective way to learn about SAP software
  • Exam preparation for SAP certification
  • World-class learning with a market leader’
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Students Edition

Tap into the strength of SAP to enhance your personal competitiveness in today’s global job market and close the gap between academics and real-world industry requirements

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Professionals Edition

Build and improve SAP software skills with SAP Learning Hub Professional edition Enable individuals or organizations to maximize the value of SAP software anywhere, anytime

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TallyBiafo Academy